Mount Rainier NP Nisqually to Paradise Civic Engagement: Summer 2021

We are interested in hearing from you and getting your ideas on the preliminary strategies. We will be accepting feedback through September 14. The planning team is seeking public input on the specific management strategies presented.

Step 1. Learn about the issues

On this page you can find links to a newsletter, a story map, and other materials to help you learn about this area of the park, the planning process, the issues that this plan is designed to address, and the potential ideas to address the issues. View the Story Map here:

Step 2. Join the Conversation
We also invite you to view our virtual public meeting from August 5th 2021 where you will be able to learn about the preliminary ideas. Meeting recording can be viewed at:

Step 3. Share your Ideas

We know that your experience of Mount Rainier NP is important! So whether you come to the park every week, or have yet to visit, we want to hear from you! During this comment period, it is most helpful if you respond to as many of the following questions as you can.
Comment Period: Closed        Jul 16, 2021 - Sep 14, 2021
Topic Questions:
1. What questions do you have about these ideas (reservations, trip planning, shuttles, etc.)? Please share them so we can address these questions in the next phase of analysis!
2. How would these ideas (reservations, trip planning, shuttles, etc.) influence your visit to Mount Rainier?
3. What information do you think the planning team should consider when analyzing these strategies?
4. What tools do you use to help plan your trip to Mount Rainier? How could these tools be
improved, and where should this information be provided?
5. Based on your desired experiences at Mount Rainier, which combination of these ideas do you think best achieve the purpose of the plan? Which do not, and why?
6. Are there other ideas that should be considered and analyzed that are not already presented? What is missing, and why should it be considered?
7. What other comments or suggestions do you have?
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