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Joshua Tree is early in the planning process for this management plan and invites you to be an active participant in its development. Click on the "Comment Now" button to provide your comment.

Note: On May 4, 2021 a modification to the topic questions was done to make the questions more clear and concise. The previous topic questions are available upon request.
Comment Period: Closed        05/04/2021 - 06/13/2021
Topic Questions Instructions:
The following questions are tied to issues being addressed in the Climbing Management Plan. We are interested in your viewpoint on these topics.
Topic Questions:
1. Most rock climbing areas in the park are accessed via unofficial trails. Should NPS build official trails and require people to stay on them to protect plants, animals, and prehistoric and historic values?
2. The Wilderness Act has special provisions to manage Wilderness. NPS policy says that bolt-intensive climbs are inappropriate in Wilderness. What kinds of climbs do you think NPS should allow in Wilderness?
3. What is the best process for authorizing the replacement of bolts? Who should determine if a bolt needs replacing and how?
4. How should the park best address concerns about recreation impacting culturally sensitive sites and Native American communities? (e.g. pictographs, petroglyphs, rock formations of spiritual value and importance).
5. Share your thoughts on other topics not specified above.
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