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The National Park Service would like to control or eradicate current invasive species populations and prevent new populations of invasive species. The park expects the plan to guide management actions for the next
10-20 years. Part of creating a plan of this magnitude is to invite the public to provide input through this public scoping process.

The primary purpose of an Environmental Assessment is to determine whether or not a proposed action could have significant impacts, thus requiring an Environmental Impact Statement. An Environmental Assessment may also be prepared at any time in order to assist agency planning and decision making.

The goal of invasive plant management is to maintain native plant communities by preventing and removing invasive plants using an integrated approach that maximizes the effectiveness of the action while minimizing undesirable impacts.
Comment Period: Closed        02/27/2015 - 03/31/2015
Topic Questions Instructions:
These two questions are suggestions on what to address, should you choose to comment.
Topic Questions:
1. How would you like to see Joshua Tree National Park address the concern over the intrusion of exotic plant species?
2. How would you like to see Joshua Tree National Park address the protection of native plant species?
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