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Haleakala Final ATMP, EA and ROD

Please use the links below to access the Haleakala ATMP, Environmental Assessment, the FAA and NPS's Finding of No Significant Impacts, and the Record of Decision.

Appendices are organized based on changes from the draft to final EA and ATMP. Appendices A-E did not change and can be found at the end of the document below, titled "Attachment A: Draft Environmental Assessment and Appendices".

The FONSIs/ROD Attachments Include:

Attachment A. Final EA (which includes the following appendices):
- Appendix A: References
- Appendix B: List of Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Glossary
- Appendix C: List of Preparers
- Appendix D: Distribution List
- Appendix E: Environmental Impact Analysis Methods
- Appendix F: Noise Technical Analysis
- Appendix G: Cultural Resources Consultation and Summary
- Appendix H: Section 7 Consultation
- Appendix I: Section 4(f) Analysis
- Appendix J: Public Scoping Materials
- Appendix K: CZMA Compliance
- Appendix L: Draft ATMP and Draft EA Public Involvement Materials

Attachment B. National Park Service - Statement of Compliance

Attachment C. Final Air Tour Management Plan for Haleakalā National Park
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