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New Philadelphia Special Resource Study - Scoping

The National Park Service (NPS) is conducting a special resource study of the New Philadelphia town site in the State of Illinois. The purpose of the study, as directed by Congress, is to evaluate the national significance of the site, and the suitability and feasibility of adding it to the national park system. In addition, Congress charges the Secretary of Interior to consider alternatives for the preservation, protection and interpretation of the New Philadelphia town site by Federal, State or local government entities or any other interested individuals. These alternatives may encourage partnerships and other efforts to protect the New Philadelphia town site by means that do not necessarily require direct NPS management.

Please join us for a public meeting to be held on May 11, 2016, from 6 to 8 PM at Pike County Farm Bureau, 1301 E. Washington Street, Pittsfield, IL. 62363. At the meeting, the NPS team will explain the study process, answer questions, and gather ideas for potential management alternatives.

This special resources study will take place over the next year or two. During this time, the NPS will assess local support by providing opportunities for your comment. At the conclusion of the study, NPS will forward our findings to the Secretary of the Interior. The Secretary will make her recommendation for the site, and submit the study and recommendation to Congress for their consideration.

The purpose of this newsletter is not only to provide you with information about this planning effort, but also to ask for your input. By sharing your ideas and opinions about the New Philadelphia town site, you can help us shape its future.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about and comment on this study. You may provide your thoughts at the public meetings or online on this site. We look forward to hearing from you!


Cameron H. Sholly
Regional Director
Midwest Region
National Park Service
Comment Period: Closed        04/11/2016 - 06/11/2016
Topic Questions:
1. Do you have any ideas about how best to preserve and interpret the resources of the New Philadelphia Townsite?
2. What kinds of experiences do you want to have at the New Philadelphia Townsite? What do you think would need to be done to facilitate these experiences?
3. What role(s) should the various organizations (e.g. New Philadelphia Association, Archaeological Conservancy, New Philadelphia Land Trust, National Park Service, etc.) involved in the site play in the future?
4. How should we let people know about the site?
5. Do you have other ideas or comments you would like to share with us?
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