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Tribal consultation for the Lincoln Memorial Rehabilitation, National Mall and Memorial Parks, Washington, DC

The National Park Service (NPS), National Mall and Memorial Parks (NAMA) wishes to initiate consultation with the Delaware Nation under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act regarding the rehabilitation of the Lincoln Memorial, in accordance with 36 CFR 800.3 of the regulations of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

The Lincoln Memorial is a legislated unit of the NPS that is part of the National Mall and Memorial Parks (NAMA). It commemorates one of the most venerated presidents in American history. Designed by architect Henry Bacon (1866-1924) and constructed between 1914 and 1922, the memorial takes the form of a Greek temple and features a portrait sculpture of the Great Emancipator by Daniel Chester French. Located on a site identified by the McMillan Commission in its 1901-02 plan for Washington, the memorial occupies a primary position at the west end of the monumental core on axis with and in visual relation to the U.S. Capitol, the Grant Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the Arlington Memorial Bridge. The purpose of this project is to rehabilitate the Lincoln Memorial for its centennial in 2022. This project will include the rehabilitation of the undercroft portion of the Lincoln Memorial and improvements to the existing visitor services on the mezzanine level, which will include accessibility enhancements and expanded visitor interpretation and NPS service-related spaces. Exterior work will also be completed and include repairs to the brick masonry and marble joints and improvements to the landscaping adjacent to the memorial.
In accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA), the NPS will prepare an Environmental Assessment (EA) to identify alternatives and analyze impacts potentially resulting from the rehabilitation of the Lincoln Memorial. Concurrent to the NEPA process, the NPS will conduct consultation under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (NHPA). The NPS plans to consult with the public per 36 CFR 800.3(e) by holding public informational meetings and through its Planning, Environment, and Public Comment website ( The NPS anticipates that these outreach efforts will accommodate the requirements of both NEPA and the Section 106 process.

The draft Area of Potential Effect (APE) is bounded by Lincoln Memorial Circle, NW, Daniel French Drive, Independence Avenue, and 23rd Street. The draft APE encompasses the Lincoln Memorial and is situated within the National Mall (1981, revised 2016) and East and West Potomac Parks (1973, revised 2001) National Register Historic Districts. The NPS understands that the Delaware Nation has an interest in the preservation of Native American cultural resources of significance in this region of the country. While no pre-contact or contact period archeological sites with Native American components have been identified at the Lincoln Memorial, given its location, the potential for sites exists. Your input will allow us to comprehensively address all potential impacts as the planning process moves forward.
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