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Biscayne NP Coral Reef Restoration Plan/Draft EIS

The National Park Service (NPS) has prepared a Coral Reef Restoration Plan and Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (plan/EIS) for Biscayne National Park. Many vessel groundings occur annually in the park, causing injuries to submerged resources. The goal of coral reef restoration actions in the park is to create a stable, self-sustaining reef environment of similar topography and surface complexity to that which existed prior to injury. The plan/EIS provides a systematic approach for addressing injuries to coral reefs caused by vessel groundings within Biscayne National Park.

In preparing the plan/EIS, the NPS developed and evaluated two alternatives, the No Action alternative and Restoration Using a Programmatic Approach. Within the Programmatic alternative, a range of coral reef restoration actions was considered and evaluated, including actions that may involve one or more restoration methods. The Restoration Using a Programmatic Approach alternative is the NPS's preferred alternative.

The NPS invites your comments on the plan/EIS. Comments will be accepted from April 30 through June 28, 2010. You may submit your comments through this website or by mail to the address below.
Comment Period: Closed        Apr 30, 2010 - Jun 28, 2010
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