Going-to-the Sun Road Construction and Maintenance Staging and Stockpiling Site

Logan Pit was identified in the May 2003, Going-to-the-Sun Road Rehabilitation Plan/Final Environmental Impact Statement as the primary staging and stockpiling site for the multi-phase Plan. The area received a great deal of damage from the November 2006, storms and cut off access to the site until June 2007. The delayed access raised concerns about the continued viability of the area as a staging area for the Going-to-the-Sun Road (GTSR) rehabilitation project, general road materials storage for the park and use as an emergency and administrative helicopter landing site.

The EA evaluates two alternatives, a no action alternative and an action alternative. The No Action alternative would utilize Logan Pit in its current condition as the primary staging and stockpiling site, while overflow would temporarily continue to be staged and stockpiled at the West Glacier Staging Area. There would be no efforts made to stabilize the usable area of the pit floor. The West Glacier Staging Area would be revegetated once the Going-to-the-Sun Road Rehabilitation Project was completed. The Preferred Alternative would continue to use the Logan Pit site however concrete forms would be used to reduce the disturbance perimeter of the pit floor and stabilize the staging and stockpiling area. This alternative would place a culvert across the access road to capture sheet flow during high water times. Under the Preferred Alternative, Logan Pit would only be used during low flow and the West Glacier Staging area would be used permanently to support the rehabilitation of the GTSR and continued maintenance. After the rehabilitation project is completed, Logan Pit would be further reduced in size but would still provide for long term maintenance of the GTSR. A few other locations were identified during scoping and considered for this type of operation. However, they were dismissed from further consideration and are discussed in the EA.
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