Final Draft Checkout Counter Donation Guidance (2020)

The Checkout Counter Donation Program guidance has been revised based on feedback. This updated draft guidance open for review:

● Lifts the requirement that all donations be made through the National Park Foundation.
● Expands the program to non-lodging activities and participation to leaseholders, any concessioner, cooperating associations, and entities holding commercial use authorizations.
● Requires concessioner participants as well as commercial use authorization and leaseholders to enter into an agreement with an authorized philanthropic partner and obtain approval by the NPS Office of Partnerships and Philanthropy. This eliminates any concerns of a conflict of interest with the park in the operation of the program.
● Clarified that the Checkout Counter Program Authorization itself is the tool to be used by Cooperating Associations; no additional agreements are required.
● Eliminates the opt-out program standard so that a program can be opt-in with the agreement of all participants.
● Renames the program as the Checkout Counter Donation Program, to reflect the expanded program.
● Allows for administrative fee recovery by partners.
● Clarifies the financial reporting and auditing requirements and adds flexibility to the frequency of funds transfer.
Comment Period: Closed        Mar 2, 2020 - Apr 6, 2020
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