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NEPA requires a series of milestones to be met while developing and finalizing an EIS. The Anticipated Planning Process provided below indicates these major steps.

Currently, the EIS process is at the project scoping phase. During the scoping phase, the agencies will solicit public input to identify issues relating to the proposed project. Detailed study alternatives will be developed after suggestions and comments from the public are given full consideration, potential concepts and previous studies are reviewed, and a review of existing study area conditions has been performed. The Foothills Parkway Section 8B EIS will incorporate and build upon the prior planning efforts, environmental studies, and public input. All of the collected information will form the basis for developing alternative ways of implementing the project and eventually selecting a preferred alternative.

The preferred alternative will be announced in a Record of Decision (ROD) and published in the Federal Register.

* indicates the current step in the planning process
Step 1. Public Scoping Phase *
Step 2. Existing Conditions Phase
Step 3. Alternatives Development Phase
Step 4. Impact Analysis Phase
Step 5. Draft Environmental Impact Statement Phase
Step 6. Final Environmental Impact Statement Phase
Step 7. Record of Decision
Step 8. Implement Project Decisions