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Sign along Muir Woods road stating "Additional Parking 100 yards" with a view of the road and two pedestrians walking along the pathway.

Muir Woods Sustainable Access Project (formerly Muir Woods Site Improvements)

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This project would include physical changes to the entrance areas at Muir Woods and nearby Mount Tamalpais State Park such as replacement of facilities, improvement to trails and pedestrian paths, and limited new construction of parking areas and other facilities mostly in previously disturbed areas.

Actions could include the following:
• Minor expansion and/or reorganization of existing parking lots at Muir Woods to improve vehicle and pedestrian circulation
• Conversion of existing operational areas at Muir Woods for parking and other uses
• Extension of the Redwood Creek Trail from Deer Park Fire Road to the monument entrance, including boardwalk sections
• Completion of plaza improvements begun in 2010, including additional re-vegetation and a new restroom
• Improved Dipsea Trail route
• Changes in the management and use of Muir Woods Road

Public Scoping was initiated on Wednesday, September 4 and the first public meeting for this project was held on September 18, 2013.

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