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Air Tour Management Plans for GGNRA and Point Reyes NS

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The NPS would like to thank everyone who participated in the public scoping process, held July 28, 2011 thru October 21, 2011. We received over 300 correspondences that will help us in our planning process. Currently the project team is in the process of developing alternatives. If you have any questions about the project or planning process please see the contact information below. To stay updated on this and other park projects, please sign up for our email list by going to and clicking on the Join Our Mailing List button.


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in cooperation with the NPS, has initiated development of an Air Tour Management Plan (ATMP) for GGNRA. The ATMP for GGNRA will include Muir Woods National Monument and Fort Point National Historic Site, both directly managed by GGNRA, and the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park (SF Maritime NHP).

The National Parks Air Tour Management Act of 2000 (NPATMA) and its implementing regulations require the FAA and NPS to develop an ATMP for each unit of the national park system or tribal land that does not have a plan in effect at the time an operator applies for FAA authority to conduct commercial air tours. The objective of an ATMP shall be to develop acceptable and effective measures to mitigate or prevent significant adverse impacts, if any, of commercial air tour operations upon the natural and cultural resources, visitor experiences and tribal lands within or abutting GGNRA and the Seashore.

Several steps are required for the development and implementation of an ATMP. First, as required by NEPA, the FAA and NPS will prepare one or more environmental assessments (EAs) for public review addressing potential environmental impacts of alternative ATMP strategies for GGNRA, SF Maritime NHP, and the Seashore. If no significant environmental impacts are identified, the FAA in cooperation with the NPS will prepare a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) and Record of Decision (ROD). Based on the preferred alternative, the agencies will develop an ATMP for GGNRA and SF Maritime NHP, and a separate ATMP for the Seashore, which will identify specific measures and conditions applying to air tour operations for GGNRA and SF Maritime NHP, and the Seashore, respectively. The last step in the process is FAA rulemaking, to establish enforceable rules for implementing the ATMPs.

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