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Off-road Vehicle Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement

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The National Park Service is preparing an Off-road Vehicle Management Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Plan/DEIS) for Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, located in Arizona and Utah.

The purpose of this plan/DEIS is to evaluate off-road use by conventional and nonconventional motor vehicles and on-road use by non-conventional motor vehicles and develop management actions that preserve Glen Canyon's scientific, scenic, and historic features; provide for the recreational use and enjoyment of the area; and promote the resources and values for which the area was established as a unit of the national park system.

Upon conclusion of this plan and decision-making process, the alternative selected for implementation will become the Off-road Vehicle (ORV) Management Plan and form the basis for a special regulation to manage any approved off-road use at Glen Canyon. The plan/DEIS would guide management of off-road use at Glen Canyon for the next 10 to 15 years.

The NPS conducted general scoping on the plan/DEIS in late 2007. In late 2010 preliminary alternatives were scoped with the general public. The NPS received numerous comments during both public scoping periods and has completed the analysis of the public comments that were received.

Development of the plan/DEIS is continuing in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and in coordination with the requirements of Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. Formal consultation with tribes, local governments, state agencies and other consulting parties has begun in order to solict comments and suggestions on the identification of historic properties; areas of potential effect; eligibility of historic properties to the National Register of Historic Properties; effects on historic properties; and mitigation of any adverse effects.

The plan/DEIS is now available for public review and comment through March 4, 2014. All comments on the plan/DEIS are welcome, particularly those that assess the adequacy of the document in disclosing and evaluating the effects on the environment. These comments are most useful if they are as specific as possible and do the following:

Discuss a particular plan element or alternative;
Identify incomplete or incorrect information;
Offer reasons why a particular alternative or plan element would or would not work;
Offer a reasonable, new plan element or completely new alternative that could help accomplish the stated goals;
Point out discrepancies between legal mandates and proposals;
Highlight deficiencies in the analysis of environmental consequences; or
Provide information on how you use the park and how particular proposals in the planning document would affect that use.

Contact Information
Teri Tucker, Chief of Planning & Compliance, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area