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The Saber-toothed cat represents one of many fossil replicas that would potentially be displayed in the proposed project.

Construct Fossil Discovery Trail Exhibit

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UPDATE: An additional document with current schematic design drawings of the proposed exhibit has been made available for public review and comment as part of the Environmental Assessment public comment process. The public comment period has been extended to Monday, December 23, 2013.

You may submit comments electronically on any aspect of the Environmental Assessment by clicking "open for comment" on the left.
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Big Bend National Park proposes to construct a new paleontological and geological exhibit near the current Fossil Bone Exhibit situated along Highway 385. The proposed project will engage a broad range of visitor interest-levels and provide an educational opportunity for visitors to better appreciate the parks' unique fossil story.

Proposed actions include: constructing appropriate structures to house the exhibit and replica specimens; building an accessible trail to the structure(s); rehabilitating the lower portion of the existing trail; constructing a rock garden and children's exploration area; installing wireless internet booster; expanding the parking area to include a turn-around area for larger vehicles; and removing the existing fossil bone exhibit structure. A small parking lot, picnic shelter and restroom already exist at the site.

Please read the attached press release and public letter by clicking Document List to the left. The environmental assessment (EA) comment period begins October 24, 2013, and you may submit comments electronically by clicking "open for comment" on the left.

Comments should be received no later than December 23, 2013.

Contact Information
Don Corrick at 432-477-1142