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Fire Island National Seashore White-tailed Deer and Vegetation Management Plan

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The National Park Service (NPS) is preparing a White-tailed Deer and Vegetation Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement (Deer-Veg plan/EIS) for Fire Island National Seashore. The purpose of the Deer-Veg plan/EIS is to address issues associated with the abundance and distribution of white-tailed deer within park boundaries. The issues include impacts from deer on the natural and cultural resources of the Seashore, as well as impacts resulting from deer-human interaction. Your participation is vital to our planning process.

The formal public scoping period during which comments were received through this website ended on July 31, 2011. A Public Scoping Analysis Report has been posted. The information gathered during the formal scoping period is being used by planners as they progress to the next stage of the process, the development of draft preliminary management alternatives.

The draft preliminary management alternatives for the Deer-Veg plan/EIS were crafted in consultation with cooperating agencies (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, U.S.D.A. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service). Once alternatives have been developed, they will be circulated for internal review. After careful consideration and evaluation of each of the draft management alternatives, the Draft Deer-Veg plan/EIS will be published, and the NPS preferred alternative will be presented.

The Draft Fire Island National Seashore White-tailed Deer and Vegetation Management Plan/EIS will be released for public review and comment by Summer 2014. Public meetings will be conducted at that time. You or your organization may request to be notified by email when this document is available for review.

Thank you for your continuing interest in Fire Island National Seashore!

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Fire Island National Seashore
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Deer/Vegetation Management Plan
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