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Historic Properties Management Plan

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The National Park Service (NPS) is working to develop a comprehensive plan for management of Grand Teton National Park's historic properties for the next twenty years. It will provide general management guidance and also site-specific treatment planning for some properties.

A comprehensive strategy for managing GRTE historic properties is needed. Although more than half of park properties are in good condition, and three-quarters have an assigned use or purpose and are actively used, funds could be more efficiently allocated and projects more closely coordinated with the completion of a comprehensive management plan.

The park will develop a plan to guide management of its National Register-listed or eligible historic districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects. The plan will not re-evaluate uses of most historic properties currently used by the park or partners for visitor services or for work space and housing. Analysis will focus on 12 historic properties currently without an identified use, in poor condition, and/or which are of high park, partner, or public interest. These properties are: 4 Lazy F Ranch, Aspen Ridge Ranch Residence and Barn, Bar BC Dude Ranch, Beaver Creek #10, Geraldine Lucas Homestead/Fabian Place, Hunter Hereford Ranch, Luther Taylor Cabins (Shane Cabins), Manges Cabin, McCollister Residential Complex, Sky Ranch, Snake River Land Co. (Buffalo Dorm), and Wolff Ranch.

This plan will determine how each of the 12 properties should be managed and outline treatment, which could range from restoration or stabilization to removal of individual historic properties.

The plan will be adaptive, incorporating periodic review of historic properties, their condition, and goals for park operations and visitor services. An increased emphasis on interpretation may be considered for properties, including those already being used and maintained. The plan would guide appropriate means of interpretation given properties' history, location, condition, and use.

Information and photographs of the 12 properties under more detailed consideration are posted on this website.

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