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Dear Friends of the National Historic Site,

As most of you know, we have been working on a general management plan for Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site. This planning process has several steps that lead to completing the fi nal plan. One of the major steps is the development of management alternatives. This newsletter describes the preliminary management alternatives that have been developed for this important national historic site.

Federal law requires the National Park Service to consider a range of reasonable alternatives for the future management of national park units. In developing these alternatives, we must review the legislation that established this site to be sure that we are following Congress's intent for the site's future. We must also be sure that future management is consistent with the purpose and significance of the site, and that it addresses the issues that the public has told us to consider in order to manage the site in the most effective way. The legislation, purpose, significance, and issues, described on pages 2 and 3, form the planning framework for the site.

The description of the management alternatives begins on page 3. The law requires that we start with a "no action" alternative that outlines the current management of the site. This "no action" alternative is alternative A on page 4. Four other potential alternatives were then developed. They are labeled B through E and are referred to as "action" alternatives.

The action alternatives have three important parts. First there are management zones (page 5); these zones are applied to the site in different ways to create the different action alternatives. The second part of each action alternative consists of the elements that are common to all of the action alternatives (page 5); these are the elements or actions that would need to occur no matter which alternative is selected. The final part to each alternative is the group of "Key Elements" that are specific to each particular alternative. These are found on pages 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9, along with maps showing the management zones in each alternative.

Your comments and suggestions are important to completing the draft management alternatives. You can tell us which alternative you prefer, pick any elements that you believe should be part of the plan, or add your own ideas for us to consider.

Some of the language in the newsletter is required by law; we realize that it can be difficult to read. If you have any questions about this information, please contact me at the number below or email me at Otherwise, please share your thoughts with us online by clicking on the "Open for Comment" link to the left and selecting the "Comment on Document" option. Thank you in advance for your assistance in the development of the Draft General Management Plan for Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site.

Alden Miller
Superintendent, Sand Creek Massacre NHS