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Kentucky Lincoln National Heritage Area Feasibility Study

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Dear Friends,

The National Park Service is pleased to announce the initiation of a feasibility study for the proposed Kentucky Lincoln National Heritage Area.

Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky and lived there until he was seven. After moving away, he retained strong ties to the state. His early experiences in Kentucky and those lifelong ties influenced his personal and political life. Now Congress has passed legislation directing the National Park Service to study those sites associated with "Lincoln's Kentucky" to determine if those resources meet the criteria for designation as a national heritage area.

The Park Service is conducting this study in coordination with representatives from the Kentucky Historical Society, other Kentucky state and local agencies, and each site proposed for inclusion in the heritage area. Those sites are identified on the enclosed map.

Please join us for one of several meetings in January to learn more about this project. We will be in Elizabethtown and Hodgenville on January 5, in Louisville on January 6, and in Nicholasville and Lexington on January 7. At these meetings, study team members will provide general information about national heritage areas and feasibility studies, answer your questions, and gather your ideas for the study. The meetings will have an open house format and will include a short presentation that will be given twice during each 2-hour meeting.

The study will take place over the next year; it will assess local support, identify a potential local management entity, and study the overall feasibility for the proposed heritage area. After the study is completed, the findings will be reported to the secretary of the interior and to Congress.

We would like to hear from you about the proposed national heritage area. You may provide your thoughts at one of the public meetings or online via this website (see directions above). We look forward to hearing from you on this exciting project!


Patty Wissinger
Regional Partnership Coordinator
National Park Service

Carla McConnell
Project Manager
National Park Service

Contact Information
Carla McConnell
Project Manager
National Park Service, Denver Service Center - Planning
12795 W. Alameda Parkway
Lakewood, CO. 80228