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Photo of Badger Pass Ski Lodge during the winter, courtesy of Kenny Karst, Delaware North Companies Parks and Resorts

Badger Pass Ski Lodge Rehabilitiation Environmental Assessment

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The Badger Pass Ski Lodge is located at an elevation of 7200 feet, midway between Wawona and Yosemite Valley in Yosemite National Park.

Since its construction in 1935, Badger Pass Ski Lodge has supported winter recreation at the Badger Pass Ski Area, a site that is historically significant as one of California's earliest developed downhill ski areas. Some of the changes to the original building were not compatible with the original NPS Rustic architecture of the building. In addition, environmental stresses have contributed to structural deterioration of the lodge and the building does not fully meet current building code standards.

The purpose of the Badger Pass Ski Lodge Rehabilitation Environmental Assessment is to provide a phased program for rehabilitation of the lodge that will
1) maintain and protect the integrity of the lodge, a contributing element of the Badger Pass Ski Area historic site;
2) ensure visitor and employee safety;
3) maintain and protect natural resources;
4) maintain ski lodge operations and service functions, and
5) protect the winter recreation visitor experience at Badger Pass Ski Area. The rehabilitation would protect areas of primary historical significance, while allowing flexibility to accommodate the needs associated with current and future ski area use in non-character-defining areas.

The environmental assessment was available for public review and comment during the summer of 2010.

On June 30, 2011, the National Park Service signed a Finding of No Significant Impact for the plan. To review the Finding of No Significant Impact, Errata Sheets, and Comment Report, click on the Document List on the lefthand side of this screen.

Rehabilitation of the Badger Pass Ski Lodge will occur over the long-term as funding becomes available.

Photo: courtesy of Kenny Karst, Delaware North Companies Parks and Resorts