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Previous NCMAC Meeting Agendas and Materials

The National Capital Memorial Advisory Commission will hold a public meeting to consider matters pertaining to commemorative works in the District of Columbia and its environs. The Commission was established by Public Law 99-652, to advise the Secretary of the Interior and the Administrator, General Services Administration, on policy and procedures for establishment of, and proposals to establish, commemorative works in the District of Columbia and its environs, as well as such other matters as it may deem appropriate concerning commemorative works. The Commission examines memorial proposals for conformance to the Commemorative Works Act, receives public comment, makes recommendations to the Secretary and the Administrator and to Members and Committees of Congress, and serves as a source of information for persons seeking to establish memorials in Washington, DC, and its environs.
Document Content:
NCMAC 5-6-2014 Meeting noticeNCMAC 5-6-2014 Meeting notice   (580.5 KB, PDF file)
Carter G. Woodson - DPR PresentationCarter G. Woodson - DPR Presentation   (4.1 MB, PDF file)
Metro Memorial Park PresentationMetro Memorial Park Presentation   (9.4 MB, PDF file)
Liberty Memorial 11-20-13 LetterLiberty Memorial 11-20-13 Letter   (51.9 KB, PDF file)
NCMAC 12-12-13 Meeting AgendaNCMAC 12-12-13 Meeting Agenda   (14.6 KB, PDF file)
07-23-13 NCMAC Corrected Transcript07-23-13 NCMAC Corrected Transcript   (397.0 KB, .doc file)
NCMC 7-23-13 Meeting AgendaNCMC 7-23-13 Meeting Agenda   (27.0 KB, .doc file)
CWA Memorial BillsCWA Memorial Bills   (60.5 KB, .doc file)
HR 222 (WWI Mem)HR 222 (WWI Mem)   (248.8 KB, PDF file)
HR 319 (KWVM Wall Remembrance)HR 319 (KWVM Wall Remembrance)   (245.0 KB, PDF file)
HR 620 (Rachel Carson)HR 620 (Rachel Carson)   (246.3 KB, PDF file)
HR 2395 (CWA Amend, Donor Recog)HR 2395 (CWA Amend, Donor Recog)   (246.6 KB, PDF file)
Norton 2-15-13 ltr to NCMACNorton 2-15-13 ltr to NCMAC   (2.9 MB, PDF file)
S 704 (Rachel Carson)S 704 (Rachel Carson)   (246.3 KB, PDF file)
The Adams Memorial NCMAC - 7-23-13The Adams Memorial NCMAC - 7-23-13   (3.3 MB, PDF file)
NCMAC 11-7-2012 Meeting AgendaNCMAC 11-7-2012 Meeting Agenda   (54.6 KB, PDF file)
NCMAC 11-7-2012 Meeting TranscriptNCMAC 11-7-2012 Meeting Transcript   (399.4 KB, PDF file)
Memorial Legislation and ProposedMemorial Legislation and Proposed   (118.4 KB, PDF file)
NCMAC 2011-2012 CharterNCMAC 2011-2012 Charter   (159.0 KB, PDF file)
Commemorative Works ActCommemorative Works Act   (624.5 KB, PDF file)
Commemorative Works Act MapCommemorative Works Act Map   (1.3 MB, PDF file)
NCMAC 3-29-2012 Minutes of MeetingNCMAC 3-29-2012 Minutes of Meeting   (159.1 KB, PDF file)
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