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The National Park Service is conducting a "Special Resource Study" of the eastern sites and route segments related to the preparation or return phases of the Lewis and Clark expedition for the possible extension of the existing Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. The purpose of this study is to determine the eligibility of adding these sites and segments to the existing Trail as part of an overall extension based on law and policy.

The study will consider various methods and means for the protection and interpretation of these sites by the National Park Service, other federal, state and local government entities, private land owners and other organizations. As this study progresses, the planning team wants to know more about what the public envisions for this possible Trail extension and what opportunities exist for Trail partnerships.

To see maps of the preliminary study corridors, please visit the "Links" tab on this page and then select "Maps: Preliminary Eastern Legacy Study Corridors". Please keep in mind this map is a work in progress, may contain route errors and will be continuously updated throughout the process. Please also use the link on this website rather than a bookmark to revisit this map as the URL will likely also change.

To see various routes that have been delineated on the map, please use the "layers" tab on the dropdown key to select individual routes. Each route must be selected one route at a time, and all routes can be displayed at the same time. Please be patient when loading route layers and navigating or zooming in and out of map views as this web based program tends to be slow. In time, the planning team will be loading individual map attachments for easier viewing.

* indicates the current step in the planning process
Step 1. Preliminary Project Set Up
Step 2. Public Scoping
Step 3. Prepare Preliminary Suitability and Feasibility Assessment *
Step 4. Develop Alternatives
Step 5. Draft Report/Prepare Determination
Step 6. Publish Final Report/Transmittal to Congress